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We’re excited to announce that we’re teaming up with Newmarket International yet again for a special hospitality webinar. On July 30 at 1 p.m. EST, we will present an educational webinar on the best practices of eSignatures and PCI compliance within the hospitality industry. Register today!


Sertifi, Newmarket, Delphi.FDC, Hospitality, Delphi, HITEC, eSignatures, PCI compliance, PCI, PCI PaymentsReady for eSignatures? Electronic signature solutions are quickly becoming a must-have tool for sales and catering teams. What about securely collecting customer payments? PCI compliance is a hot topic right now among hotels, restaurants and other hospitality organizations.

Join us to hear from hospitality organizations including The Hub who are already reaping the benefits of eSignature and PCI payment solutions by Sertifi. Today, The Hub gets contracts signed and event deposits paid within 6.5 hours instead of 3 days!

Webinar Agenda:

  • Best Practices on eSignatures and PCI Compliance
  • PCI Compliance Expert Advise
  • Live Customer Testimonials
  • FAQ Session

Sign up now while webinar seats are still available.

Merchant Link SertifiToday, we announced a new partnership with Merchant Link, a leading payment gateway offering cloud-based cardholder data security solutions. The new integration will allow organizations to securely capture signatures and payments.

The collective solution adds a layer of security which in turn assists with PCI compliance. The joint solution helps businesses close sales and contracts faster.

We chose to integrate to Merchant Link’s E-commerce Solution using the Hosted Payment Form so we can present the payment form to our merchant’s customer for the collection of credit card data, at the time the customer signs a contract electronically. The advanced deposit or full amount is then processed through Merchant Link as a Card Not Present with the merchant’s processor.

We are proud to have been selected by Sertifi for the integration of their electronic signature capture service with our Secure Payment Hosted Payment Form. The alliance between Sertifi and Merchant Link is a step in the right direction as PCI regulations become more stringent and payment security technology options continue to expandstated Laura Meck, EVP Sales & Marketing for Merchant Link.Sertifi is a new type of integration for us and we are pleased to be working with such a solid organization.”

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Visit or call 866.983.8877 to schedule a one-on-one demo or trial the solution.

We’re excited to share a new customer success story with you! Cloth Connection, one of the nation’s largest specialty linen providers, uses our eSignature solution to improve efficiency and accuracy between departments while closing deals within just 2 hours and forty-five minutes!

Cloth Connection - Page

Before using Sertifi, the company struggled with executing documents in a timely manner. On average, it would take days to receive signed documents from clients. Lack of insight into the status of the deal prohibited its sales, accounting and shipping department from effectively working together.

Find out how the company is benefiting from our eSignature solution right here!

Thank you to the entire Newmarket International team for orchestrating a successful NICC 2014. We appreciate the opportunity to share the benefits our eSignature and payment solution provides hospitality professionals.

NICC attendees, thanks for stopping by the Sertifi table to inquire how you can automate your event order and payment process. For a 30-day free trial or to schedule a one-on-one demo, visit or email

BIG Thanks to Newmarket & NICC Attendees


seattle seahawks, sertifi, esignatures,electronic signaturesSertifi helps the Seattle Seahawks close deals faster! Using our electronic signature solution, the Seahawks’ Corporate Partnership division gets contracts signed and stored in Richard Sherman speed.

The division uses Sertifi to send contracts for signature, allowing big-name sponsors to quickly sign electronically. The Seahawks track and manage all activity in real time, ensuring contracts are fully executed and stored in a timely manner.

3 Tips for Closing Deals like The Seahawks:

  1. Maximize Mobility – allow customers to sign anywhere, anytime, from any device! Sponsors can sign contracts electronically within seconds, greatly shortening the sales process.
  2. Promote Your Colors - The Seahawks use our on-demand web portal to send, sign and track contracts. The signing interface and email requests are branded with the Seahawks’ logo, eliminating confusion on who sent the signature request.
  3. Assign the Right Players to the Right Positions – the Seahawks have multiple people sending contracts out for signature. Using our multiple user roles and permission levels feature, they provide specific access levels to users while providing all users access to a shared document library for frequently sent documents.

In light of “The Big Game” on Sunday, the Sertifi team would like to wish our beloved Seahawks a great game. We’ll be rooting for them from the Windy City!

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Please email or call 1.866.983.8877 for more information on our eSignature and Closing Automation Solutions. You can also trial Sertifi for 30 days at no cost at

dave and buster's, dave & buster's, sertif for salesforce, dreamforce, hospitality, esignatures, esignature, electronic signatures, electronic signature, payments, closing auotmation solutionsDave & Buster’s uses Sertifi’s Closing Automation Solution to automate banquet event orders (BEOs) and customer payments. Since switching to Sertifi for Salesforce, the company reports that on average it collects BEOs and payments within two hours and 15 minutes of sending an agreement out for eSignature! 

The Challenge: Dave & Buster’s Special Events group of 150 managers and consultants across 64 locations and a call center needed to get Banquet Event Order forms (BEOs) signed faster. The traditional paper-and-pen method for getting lengthy BEOs signed was slow and burdensome.

Collecting customer payments added another hurdle! On average, it would take days to receive payment. To submit payment, customers had to print, sign, scan, and fax credit card authorization forms. Once received, the Special Events group would spend 20 minutes per form re-keying data.

Dave & Buster’s needed to automate both the BEO and payment process in order to recognize revenue faster and offer a convenient way for customers to sign.

sertifi for salesforce, salesforce, dreamforce, esignatures, esignature, esignature app, esignature software, sertifiThe Solution: Dave & Buster’s chose Sertifi for Salesforce to automate the last mile of the sales process. The company selected Sertifi for its integrated solution for getting agreements signed electronically and collecting customer payments. The Special Events group utilizes Newmarket International’s Delphi.fdc on’s platform to quickly generate BEOs. Integrating Sertifi allowed the group to get BEOs signed faster and collect payments within seconds of customers signing.

After customers sign BEOs, they’re directed to a payments page to submit the required 50% deposit for special event services and signed BEOs (PDF versions) are sent to all parties involved in the deal.

esignature, sertifi for salesforce, esignatures, esignature app, sertifi for salesforce, dreamforce, salesforce, hospitality esignatures, esignatures for hospitality, beo, eo, catering agreements, dave and buster'sThe Results: Since using Sertifi, about 99% of customers sign BEOs electronically. The company estimates that it has reduced the time it takes to get agreements signed and paid by more than 90%. The Special Events group no longer spends time reviewing forms and re-keying information, eliminating human error and greatly increasing worker productivity. During peak months, high volume Dave & Buster’s locations save 100 person-hours each month by not having to re-key credit card data.

Customers appreciate being able to quickly sign and pay within a centralized area. They’re no longer hassled with paper, print, scan, and fax. The solution offers Dave & Buster’s advanced sales efficiency, security of sensitive cardholder data, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

About Dave & Buster’s
Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Dave & Buster’s is the premier national owner and operator of 64 high-volume venues that offer interactive entertainment options for adults and families, such as skill/sports-oriented redemption games and technologically advanced video and simulation games, combined with a full menu of high quality food and beverages.

Dave & Buster’s currently has stores in 26 states and Canada. For additional information on Dave & Buster’s, please visit

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Interested in using Sertifi to automate event forms or other time-consuming paperwork? Please email or call 1.866.983.8877 to schedule a short demo of Sertifi’s Closing Automation Solution.

Sertifi at Dreamforce 2013
Sertifi will be located at booth N1131 on the Dreamforce Expo floor (North Expo) performing live demos of Sertifi for Salesforce, an eSignature application built natively on the Platform that allows organizations to close deals faster. Stop by to enter to win cash prizes and get your stamp for’s App Bash Party being held on Wed. Nov. 20 at 9 p.m.

sertifi, app bash, city view, salesforce, dreamforce, df13, dreamforce 2013We’re excited to announce that Sertifi is a sponsor of the AppBash Party hosted by Join us to mingle with Salesforce partners, employees, developers, customers, and more in a fun, laid-back atmosphere.

App Bash, formerly known as the Cloud Crawl, will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 20 evening at City View at the Metreon located at 135 4th St. in downtown San Francisco. The party kicks off at 9 p.m sharp and won’t stop until they turn the lights on at 1 a.m.

“What should I expect?”
Open bar including the “Mo’ Money Mo’ tini” presented by Sertifi, delicious food and great music!

“Count me in! Where do I sign up?”
Within your Dreamforce attendee bag, you’ll receive a card to collect eight AppBash sponsor stamps at each of the partner booths. Once completed, turn your card in at the Platform Area in the Campground or at the Info Desk at the AppExchange Zone, 3rd floor Moscone West to receive your AppBash wristband. Don’t forget to bring your Dreamforce badge with you to the party.

esignature, esignatures, sertifi for salesforce, salesforce, appbash, dreamforce, df13, dreamforce 2013Sertifi will be located at booth N1131 on the Dreamforce Expo floor (North Expo). Stop by to  receive your AppBash stamp and enter to win cash prizes.

We hope to see you sipping a “Mo’ Money Mo’ tini” and rocking Sertifi glow-in-the-dark wayfarer sunglasses at the party!

About Sertifi
Sertifi provides eSignatures and Closing Automation Solutions that help organizations close deals faster. Sertifi enables sales teams to quickly reach agreements with customers and then execute the deals with electronic signatures.

Customers can access Sertifi through its leading eSignature API, pre-built Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrations, and Web Portal. Leading organizations around the world including Pitney Bowes, CareerBuilder, U.S. Air Force, and Cricket Communications trust Sertifi.

For more information, please visit or contact sales at

If you’re in the beginning stages of researching eSignature API solutions, below are five criteria that you should include within your search.

Integrating eSignatures into your website can automate the customer onboarding process by enabling customers to review and sign documents directly on your website. When qualifying eSignature providers, it’s important to evaluate capabilities of both web-based and API solutions.

Top 5 criteria to consider when evaluating eSignature API solutions for your company:

  1.  Signing Options - Do you need customers to sign at the bottom of documents or individual locations?  Do you require second signers?  Decide which features you require and then dig into the API solution to see who has flexible and easy integration capabilities.
  2. Low Volume/High Volume – How many transactions do you plan to send out? Are you sending out thousands of documents for signature or just a few each month? eSignature providers have varying pricing models and feature sets based on the volume of transactions. If you’re a high-volume user, ease of use will be of utmost importance to your application. Also, ask the eSignature provider about other large implementations.
  3. Accessing Data – Many eSignature providers offer a web-based version of their software that enables you to track and manage agreements within a simple web portal. Depending on how you’ll be implementing your API this may be a key requirement. Ask the eSignature provider how to access data outside of the API solution.
  4. Form & Form Field Support – How does the eSignature API enable you to pre-populate forms? How does the solution enable your signers to input data into forms? How does the API enable you to pull data out of forms? Another important question to ask the eSignature provider is whether or not their API has a document database.
  5.  Workflow - This is one of the most important aspects of a solution. Finding a solution that can automate your workflow is key. Ask questions about how the eSignature API handles advanaced workflows such as multiple signers, carbon copies, etc.

Interested in eSignatures?
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bellyThe Challenge:

In the past, collecting contracts wasn’t exactly a piece of cake for Belly. The process was manual, disruptive to the sales flow and did not follow one of the company’s core values, making things easy for the customer. Another hurdle – sales activity wasn’t tied into Salesforce so tracking and managing contracts were a complete headache!

The process of onboarding new merchants wasn’t a breeze either. Merchants would wait on the phone ready to close the deal while Inside Sales re-keyed data into the contract. In addition, since multiple departments needed access to the contracts, Inside Sales had to manually save the contracts within Salesforce.

The Solution:

While changing the face of customer loyalty, Belly decided to change the way it closes business. Sharing the same Windy City stomping grounds wasn’t the only reason Belly chose Sertifi as its eSignature provider. Belly liked how Sertifi seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and offers innovative solutions beyond eSignatures.

Inside Sales can now pre-populated contracts and send them directly from the Salesforce Lead and Opportunity records. Inside Sales said “Adiós!” to the burden of re-keying data and “Why, Hello!” to more time for engaging merchants. Automatic email reminders are set up to remind busy merchants to sign saving even more time for the team.

Belly also takes advantage of Sertifi Deal.Stream, a collaboration feature included within Sertifi for Salesforce. Deal.Stream lets Belly and merchants discuss the deal within a real-time feed. Merchants can ask questions such as, “When do I receive my Wi-Fi-enabled iPad?” With Deal.Stream, all of these types of questions along with the responses are stored in a central space.

The Results:

Just like scanning at a Belly business, installing Sertifi for Salesforce was quick and easy. Today, Belly sends 99% of contracts through Sertifi greatly strengthening document security. Sertifi has allowed Belly to streamline the sales process enabling different departments to easily access contracts within Salesforce. Belly runs insightful sales reports and analytics within Sertifi allowing Inside Sales to drive more sales turning more beloved companies into Belly businesses.

Since launching Sertifi for Salesforce, Belly’s merchant experience has sky-rocketed! Merchants boast about the ease of signing contracts with Belly. What about ma-and-pa shops? Both large and small companies love the new signing process! Merchants enjoy receiving PDF copies of the secure signed contracts seconds after they sign.

About Belly
Belly is the leading loyalty platform in the country. Belly revolutionizes traditional loyalty concepts and works with each business to design a customized, unique rewards suite their customers actually want. Using a tablet and single card or iPhone or Android app, Belly unlocks new opportunities for customer engagement and digital advocacy. Belly is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and received funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Silicon Valley Bank, and Lightbank. For more information, visit

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For all sales inquiries, call 1.866.983.8877 or email

AljexReady to get carrier agreements and rate confirmations signed faster? We’re teaming up with Aljex Software on Thursday, July 25 at 1 p.m. CST to share the many benefits of eSignatures within the transportation industry.

Limited space. Sign up now while webinar seats are available. Register here!

What to expect on the 30-minute webinar:

  • How to use eSignatures within your Aljex account
  • Get agreements signed faster while eliminating high costs surrounding the manual contract process
  • Types of documents you can expedite with Sertifi
  • Find out how CEVA Logistics is closing business faster with Sertifi | Case Study

About Aljex Software 

Aljex Software based in Middlesex, N.J., leads the transportation industry with innovative software and business systems for third-party logistics firms and carriers. Clients include freight brokers, rail inter-modal, airfreight forwarders, container draymen, and logistics companies. Aljex has been perfecting smart, intuitive management solutions since 1996. For more information, visit or contact

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About Us
Sertifi provides eSignatures and Closing Automation Solutions that help organizations close deals faster. Sertifi enables sales teams to quickly reach agreements with customers and then execute the deals with electronic signatures. Customers can access Sertifi through its leading eSignature API, pre-built Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrations, and Web Portal. Leading organizations around the world including Pitney Bowes, CareerBuilder, U.S. Air Force, and Cricket Communications trust Sertifi.


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