January 26th 2012

We recently announced our partnership with Contractlogix, the leading contract management solution with customers including Pitney Bowes, Echelon, GoDaddy and many others.    Using esignatures and electronic signatures combined with a contract management solution enables users to completely track, manage and store all of their agreement electronically.   Here is a video describing our integration:


Information about ContractLogix:

Contract Logix provides extensive features and tools to help automate your entire contract process. Whether you are looking to simply organize and track your contract documents and data, or trying to automate sophisticated workflow processes. Contract Logix systems are powerful, yet easy to use. Each Edition was built with the customer in mind, so driving user adoption or staging mission critical objectives, the system will keep you on track. Literally! And with the flexibility and options available you can have a contract management system which matches your every need.