Do home health care professionals spend more time filling out paperwork than working with their patients? According to many home health care agencies, the answer is “YES!” It’s evident that the home health care industry is burdened by excessive paperwork. After speaking with many clients, we came across four major setbacks when it comes to signing documents manually.

Electronic Signatures in Health Care

Excessive paperwork weighing you down?

Excessive paperwork setbacks within the home health care industry:

  • Extra workload– physicians are constantly frustrated by having to sign countless documents and sometimes believe the agency (not Medicare/Medicaid) is responsible for the additional paperwork.  Worker retention rates and job referrals could drop as a result of dissatisfaction.
  • Time wasted– time is spent chasing paper documents instead of professionals spending time on patient-focused activities.
  • Very slow document processing– orders sent via fax or courier tend to experience lag in turnaround time.
  • Expensive Costs- manually capturing signatures on documents is thought to cost between $10-$12 per document!

Sertifi’s Paperless Solution

We’re spreading the word about our time-saving, hard copy document-reducing options for several required documents, including CMS Form 485 and face-to-face certifications, which are two forms that slow a home health agency’s ability to be paid quickly by Medicare and Medicaid.

Costs are reduced to about $3 per document by implementing an esignature solution. Our software tracks documents and enables users to know where they are in the signature process. They also can send reminders for documents that haven’t been signed. Resolving this paperwork process electronically also saves time otherwise spent sending items via the postal service, courier or fax machine.

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